"Faith That Shapes Our Desire to Do Good"

Rev. Jerre W. Nolte

Scripture: Luke 17:5-10


"Offer Christ's Forgiveness"

Rev. Jerre W. Nolte

Scripture: Luke 17:1-5


"What It's Like to Serve God, Only"

Rev. Jerre W. Nolte

Scripture: Luke 16:1-13


"How to Be the Joy of Heaven"

Rev. Jerre W. Nolte

Scripture: Luke 15:1-10

I.N.K. (I NOW KNOW) Newsletters

October 2022

"Breaking Barriers" - Rev. Jerre Nolte

"Encounters with God"

- Rev. Juan Espinoza

"Find answers about Christianity'" 

- Sherry Polkinghorn

"Seeking" - Melyssa Walker

"What Would You do if You Weren't Afraid?" - Bonnie Castelli


September 2022

"Do Not Let Your Heart Be Troubled" 

- Rev. Jerre Nolte

"Eat, Rest, and Renew"

- Rev. Juan Espinoza

"What is 'Ordinary Time?'" 

- Sherry Polkinghorn

"To Be Called" - Melyssa Walker

"Finding Sabbath"

- Bonnie Castelli

August 2022

"Mini-Methodists" - Rev. Jerre Nolte

"Creating Urgency for Change"

- Rev. Juan Espinoza

"Activating our Church" 

- Sherry Polkinghorn

"Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread." 

- Melyssa Walker

"Grow in Faith and be Transformed"

- Bonnie Castelli